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If I plan to continue working, what should I do about Medicare?

I have decided to continue working when I turn 65. I am covered by an employer group health plan I would like to keep. I know I can put off Social Security but I am not sure what to do about Medicare. Do I have to enroll...

Learn how to enroll in Medicare

When you're ready to sign-up, you have three options for actually applying for Medicare. Learn what they are and which option might be best for you.

Wondering when you can sign up for Medicare?

Find out with our FREE Medicare Eligibility Calculator. Just enter your birth date and get your custom calendar with all the details you need about your Initial Enrollment Period.

Test your knowledge of Medicare before your enroll!

Do you know enough about the Medicare program and the enrollment process to make good choices? Find out now with this FREE quiz from the experts at 65 Incorporated.

Information you'll need to sign up for Medicare

What kind of documents or types of information does a person need to enroll in Medicare? We've compiled the list for you here.

If I am on COBRA, can I delay Medicare enrollment?

The Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act is a law that requires employees to keep their healthcare coverage after they leave their employers’ group health plans...

Should I keep my company’s retirement health plan?

I retired from a large company at age 62 and have had its retirement health plan, a preferred provider organization (PPO), since then. I turn 65 in a few months. The company notified me that I must enroll...

Medicare Mishap: Check out drug costs now or pay more later

In January, at a recent family gathering, Uncle Joe said, “I just renewed my Medicare drug plan. My agent said the changes were no big deal.” A few months later, Uncle Joe was irate. “What has Medicare done? My copayments are outrageous...

Three warning signs that an insurance agent is not reputable

Getting Medicare coverage means you will be dealing with insurance agents when you first enroll and any time you make a change in coverage. You need to work with an agent...

Penalties for delaying Medicare enrollment

Medicare provides a seven-month enrollment period for those approaching Medicare.  That’s a generous length of time, but some still miss the deadline...

Why can't I enroll online on the plan of my choice?

A low-performing Medicare Advantage plan is one that has an overall quality rating of less than three stars for at least the past three years...

If I have other health insurance, do I need Part B?

65 Incorporated came across this question from a Medicare beneficiary. I just heard that if I have other insurance, I need only Medicare Part A. Part B is not necessary. Is this true?...

What is creditable coverage?

Let’s focus on what creditable means for Medicare beneficiaries. Here are three situations that can apply...

When should I apply for Medicare?

Medicare’s Initial Enrollment Period is a seven-month period that begins three months before the month of the 65th birthday and ends three months after it...

Putting off Part B enrollment can be a mistake

Those approaching age 65 and getting ready to enroll in Medicare get all kinds of “good” advice about Medicare. Sometimes that good advice can turn bad...

“Can my employer force me to enroll in Medicare at age 65?"

Medicare enrollment can be complicated by existing health insurance coverage. Find out whether you need to enroll in Medicare if you're still working.

For those turning 65, when does Medicare start?

That depends on when an individual signs up for Medicare. Here are different scenarios...

"Can I buy a Medigap policy to go with a Medicare Advantage plan?" 

This is a very common question. Medicare beneficiaries are hoping to receive some additional assistance with hospitialization co-payments or lessen the potential out-of-pocket expenses.

“Why should I enroll in Medicare before my birthday?”

It’s true, you have seven months to enroll in Medicare and not be penalized, but there are good reasons to sign-up for Medicare before your birthday...

Is your birthday on the 1st of the month?

If your birthday falls on the first of any month, you have a special gift from Medicare — an extra month of coverage! 

Your options if you're on a Medicare Advantage plan with low quality ratings

"I am happy with my Medicare plan and don’t want to make changes.  Then I got a letter from the CMS telling me my plan is a poor performer.  Can you tell me what this center is and what this letter means to me?"