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Three types of consultations – One unique confidence guarantee

Initial Enrollment

This consultation is ideal for people who are:

  • Turning 65 and signing up for Medicare for the first time
  • Older than 65, losing healthcare coverage and signing up for Medicare for the first time, or
  • Unsure whether it is better to remain on an employer's health plan or enroll in Medicare.

Through your fee-for-service Initial Enrollment Consultation, you'll receive:

  • Individual, unbiased guidance from a Medicare expert
  • A thorough review of your unique needs to determine which Medicare decisions are best for you – even if it's delaying or foregoing Medicare
  • Step-by-step instructions for how to sign up for Medicare and any ancillary insurance coverage

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Anytime Advisor

This consultation is ideal for people who are:

  • Experiencing problems with Medicare
  • Needing very specific Medicare-related guidance, or
  • Have situations that cannot be addresses through an Initial Enrollment Consultation or Open Enrollment Review.

Through your fee-for-service Anytime Advisor Consultation, you'll receive:

  • Individual, unbiased guidance directly from a Medicare expert provided in 15-minute increments (Minimum billing of one hour)
  • A custom report detailing the results of your consultations

To find out if any Anytime Advisor consultation is right for you, please call 262-223-3433 or complete a contact form.

Open Enrollment

This service is ideal for people who are:

  • 65 and older, and already enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan or a Part D prescription drug plan.

Through your fee-for-service Open Enrollment review, you'll receive:

  • An assessment of how your current coverage will change in the coming year
  • A cost, quality, and coverage analysis of up to three of the most cost-effective plans based upon your needs
  • Unbiased plan recommendations from an expert
  • Savings GUARANTEE – If you find a solution that provides the same quality of coverage at a lower price, we'll refund your money.

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