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headline.pngBEWARE! Medicare Advantage plans and Part D drug plans do NOT stay the same from year to year.  These changes can cost you dearly if you're not paying attention.

  • Premiums can go up
  • Copays can increase
  • Deductibles can be raised
  • Your favorite doctors or vital prescriptions could no longer be covered

Don’t make a Medicare mistake you’ll regret for the rest of the year. Let us help you get the best health insurance coverage possible.

banner-how.png In addition to taking the fear and uncertainty out of the Open Enrollment process, a Tune-up will:

  1. Determine what is going to change with your current coverage. Higher copays? Higher premiums? Higher deductibles? Provider network changes? Your Tune-up will show you all of this and more.
  2. Recommend the best plan(s) for your needs in the new year. By comparing your current insurance to every plan represented on, we'll make sure you find the best coverage for you.
  3. Provide you with a custom "Tune-Up Report."  Get all the details you need, including step-by-step instructions, in a custom PDF report.

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Three more BIG benefits

of a 65 Incorporated Medicare Tune-Up:

Never Miss Medicare’s
Open Enrollment period!

We’ll contact you when new plan
information is available (usually between Oct. 1-15) and set up an Open Enrollment review.

Get plan advice from
unbiased experts.

65 Incorporated does not sell
insurance. As such, our experts are not limited by sales portfolios. This means that we look at all of the plans available to you.

Maximize your savings –

If you find a solution that provides the same quality and type of coverage, but costs you less than the options offered through your Tune-Up, we’ll refund your money – every penny.


Advantage Review for New ClientsAdvantage Review for Current ClientsPart D
Review for New Clients
Part D
Review for Current Clients
Open Enrollment reminder service
Unbiased plan comparison
Medicare Tune-Up results report
Reviews plan premiums and deductibles
Estimates total drug costs at various pharmacies
Compares the quality ratings of various plans
Verifies that pharmacies are in network
Compares benefits in the Coverage Gap (donut hole)
Reviews out-of-pocket costs in four payment stages
Reviews health plans premiums and deductibles
Verifies various out-of-pocket limits
Documents optional hearing, vision, dental benefits
Lists out-of-pocket costs for common services
Compares the quality ratings of various plans


For New Clients
For Current Clients
For New Clients
For Current Clients


December Rush Charge: $50

One-on-One-Consultation-FadeWork.pngWould you like to speak directly to an expert with your Medicare Tune-up service?

Get the extra confidence that you're making the right decision for your unique needs.  For just $49, you'll be able to speak directly with an unbiased Medicare expert during a 15-minute telephone call.  Learn more by talking with a 65 Incorporated representative at (262) 223-3433.

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