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What is Medicare-Question
When should I apply for Medicare?

Answer to What is Medicare question
Medicare’s Initial Enrollment Period is a seven-month period that begins three months before the month of the 65th birthday and ends three months after it.

The best time to enroll in Medicare is the first three months of this seven-month period. This ensures that Medicare coverage will start the first day of the birth month. Waiting until the last four months of this period will delay the start date for Medicare.

Gloria Garcia’s 65th birthday is in June. Her initial enrollment period is from March 1 through September 30. If she enrolls between March 1 and May 31, Medicare coverage will start June 1.

For those born on the first day of the month, the Initial Enrollment Period begins four months before and ends two months after the month of the 65th birthday.

Use a free Medicare Eligibility Calculator at to identify your Initial Enrollment Period.


Last updated: 03-14-2017