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Can I have a Medigap plan with my Medicare Advantage coverage?

Addressing the confusion related to Medigap and Medicare Advantage plans...

A Medicare Question

I am considering a zero-premium Medicare Advantage plan. Then I noticed that the hospital copayment is $395 a day for the first five days? Can I buy a Medigap policy to with Medicare Advantage?

Answer to What is Medicare question

 Unfortunately, the answer is no. 


This is a very common question for those people enrolling in Medicare for the first time and from those enrolled in Medicare for many years.

Zero-premium plans are available to most Medicare beneficiaries. However with these plans, healthcare services generally come with copayments or coinsurance. Plans have an out-of-pocket maximum limit but the costs can add up. Those with an Advantage plan hope there's help with hospitalization copayments and other out-of-pocket expenses in their Medicare Advantage plans.

You cannot buy a Medigap policy to go with a Medicare Advantage plan during the Open Enrollment Period or at any other time. In fact, it is illegal for an insurance agent to sell a Medigap policy to someone who has elected Medicare Advantage. A Medigap policy, also known as Medicare supplement insurance, works only with Original or Traditional Medicare. 

Those on Medicare Advantage are responsible for the copayments the plan sets. If this is a concern, take time before choosing a Medicare Advantage plan or during the Open Enrollment Period to compare out-of-pocket costs.

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Last updated: 06-20-2017