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What happens if a veteran needs medical care on vacation?

I am a disabled veteran, enrolled in both parts of Medicare. I plan to visit my children in California. What happens if I need medical care while on vacation?

Can a veteran be in both the VA drug program and Medicare Part D?

Yes, a veteran can have prescription drug coverage through both Medicare Part D and the VA healthcare system. Medicare drug coverage might offer better options...

Does the VA encourage veterans to enroll in Medicare?

For this answer, let’s go right to the source, the Veterans Health Benefits Guide. “VA does not recommend that you cancel or decline coverage in Medicare (or other health care or insurance programs) solely because you are enrolled in VA health care.

Why is a veteran subject to a Part B penalty?

When I turned 65, I did not sign up for Medicare, Part B. A friend told me that I was fine because I have coverage through the VA. Now, I read that I am subject to a penalty if I decide some day to switch from VA care...

Does a Veteran need a Medicare drug plan?

I am an 80% disabled veteran. I live close to a VA facility and they take good care of me. I am enrolled in Medicare Parts A and B. Will I be in trouble because I didn't sign up for a Part D plan?

What is TRICARE?

TRICARE is the health care program serving active duty service members, National Guard and...

65 Incorporated survey featured in investigative story on Military Veterans

An ongoing nationwide survey found that almost 76 percent of American military veterans don't know that delaying enrollment in a special Medicare program...