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“Medicare Medigap Plan F Or Plan G?"

As a new Forbes contributor, Medicare expert Diane Omdahl, RN, MS, looks into the critical differences between Medicare Supplement Plan F and Plan G.

Medicare Open Enrollment: Shop for a Better Deal on Plans

65 Incorporated is featured in an article in Kiplinger, a leading personal finance and business magazine.

What you need to know about your spouse's Medicare coverage

CNBC features Medicare expert and 65 Incorporated founder, Diane J. Omdahl, RN, MS in this article about an often confusing topic.

Why you can’t afford to miss Medicare’s general enrollment

65 Incorporated is featured in this MarketWatch article about Medicare's General Enrollment Period, from Jan. 1 - March 31 each year.

“5 Steps for Picking a Medicare Plan” features Medicare expert, Diane Omdahl

“For most of us, making the move from private, employer-provided health insurance to Medicare is a daunting task. First, there's the new lexicon: Medicare Advantage, Part B, Part D, Medigap – what do they mean?”

"Medicare prescription drug coverage: You may need a new plan"

CBS MoneyWatch features Medicare expert and 65 Incorporated Founder, Diane Omdahl, in this article about saving money during Medicare Open Enrollment.

“Don't make these common, costly Medicare mistakes”

you are nearing retirement, you could fall prey to common misconceptions about Medicare. And that can lead to costly errors. "Medicare is very complicated and confusing," said Diane J. Omdahl, co-founder and president of 65 Incorporated.

"How to make better choices in Medicare's drug plan enrollment"

This article features the five things you should do in order to save yourself a fortune in out-of-pocket Medicare costs as well as 65 Incorporated.

What to Know When Shopping for a Medicare Advantage Plan

65 Incorporated is featured in an article in Kiplinger’s Ask Kim column, a leading personal finance and business magazine...

Washington Post features 65 Incorporated Medicare Expert Diane Omdahl

When a Washington Post reporter was facing Medicare enrollment and had a lot of questions she needed answered, 65 Incorporated's Co-Founder, Diane Omdahl, had answers.

"How to shop smart during Medicare open enrollment"

CBS MoneyWatch features the unbiased Medicare guidance services in its latest article about Open Enrollment.

"The Basics of Medicare: Choosing the Right Plan for You"

Re-evaluate your Medicare plan options each year. "Even if you're completely happy with your plan, you have to look because things change," says Diane J. Omdahl, founder and Medicare expert at 65 Incorporated.

Can I keep my employee health plan after I turn 65?

Chicago Sun Times reporter, Terry Savage featured 65 Incorporated in her Terry’s Tips column as the premier resource to answer all questions about Medicare...

“It pays to shop for Medicare insurance plans”

CBS Moneywatch featured 65 Incorporated's Co-Founder, Diane Omdahl in their article about making the right choices during open enrollment.

“Tips for Medicare’s open enrollment season” features 65 Incorporated

Making the right choices (during Open Enrollment) might save you, or your parents, hundreds or thousands of dollars. Trouble is, open enrollment is always a baffling process.”

“4 Mistakes to Avoid When Enrolling in Medicare”

Next Avenue features Diane Omdahl in an article about the common and costly mistakes made when signing up for Medicare...

"How to pick the right Medicare Advantage plan"

When CBS MoneyWatch wanted to write an article about Medicare's Open Enrollment period and choosing a Medicare Advantage plan, they turned to 65 Incorporated and Diane J. Omdahl.

65 Incorporated answers questions on Milwaukee's WISN radio station

Hear 65 Incorporated co-founder Diane Omdahl answer caller's Medicare questions on WISN radio.

65 Incorporated survey featured in investigative story on Military Veterans

An ongoing nationwide survey found that almost 76 percent of American military veterans don't know that delaying enrollment in a special Medicare program...

Medicare Desertion May Not Be a Crisis Says 65 Incorporated

“The latest statistics from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), as reported by the Wall Street Journal, show the number of physicians pulling out of the program...

Making sense of Medicare Open Enrollment

The annual Medicare Open Enrollment period for Medicare beneficiaries begins on Oct. 15. In an effort to help residents make informed decisions, 65 Incorporated co-founder Diane Omdahl answers the pertinent questions...

Medicare & Homecare: Diane Omdahl featured in Arthritis Today

Previous misconceptions of an assumed “improvement standard” may have wrongfully denied people coverage. Find out what these changes mean to patients and providers...

65 Incorporated’s Diane Omdahl Discusses How Readmissions Penalties Present an Opportunity for Home

“If home care agencies really want to reduce hospital readmissions, there is one simple thing they can do that they often don’t...

How the sequester will impact Medicare

The wheels are in motion for federal sequester cuts, which will affect Medicare...

Medicare confuses today's beneficiaries

"A survey released Oct. 23 found that seniors using the federal government's 1-800-Medicare help line are 80 percent more likely to have had a difficult time dealing with Medicare compared with those using another resource."

Making family work at home and in the office

65 Incorporated is featured in an article on She Budgets, a personal finance news site geared towards women...

A survey shows how confusing the Medicare has become

A recent survey of Medicare beneficiaries shows that government resources aren't really helping to aleviate the Medicare confusion of today's seniors...

65 Incorporated featured on Milwaukee’s Fox affiliate

65 Incorporated co-founders Diane Omdahl and Melinda Caughill sit down with a Fox 6 News reporter to discuss...

Mother, Daughter and Medicare

This national BlogHer article features the co-founders of 65 Incorporated discussing how they work together as a mother-daughter team...

NerdWallet article pin points how the 'Fiscal Cliff' deal will affect seniors

65 Incorporated is featured in an article on Nerd Wallet, a personal finance news site. The piece focuses on the fiscal cliff negotiations...

HMOs rising in Medicare Advantage plans.

65 Incorporated is featured in an article in The Milwaukee Business Journal, a leading business magazine. The piece focuses on HMOs rising...

Catching up with Medicare expert Diane Omdahl

"Diane Omdahl is one of those fascinating Boomers ... After having a full career as a registered nurse, this Baby Boomer along with her daughter Melinda Caughill, created 65 Incorporated."