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Medicare Desertion May Not Be a Crisis Says 65 Incorporated

Veterans on Tricare may experience some sticker shock soon, according to a recent article in the Military Times that features 65 Incorporated.

"More than 12,000 Medicare-eligible retirees have been notified that if they receive care at a VA health facility for illnesses other than service-related conditions, they’ll pay more starting Oct. 1.... Tricare has been acting as primary payer, reimbursing VA up to 80 percent of the allowable charge for care. It should have been paying no more than 20 percent.

Beneficiaries were notified Aug. 2. They can pay more out of pocket at VA (the 80 percent that Medicare pays elsewhere); go to a non-VA doctor who takes Medicare; or speak to VA about first billing other health insurance, if available.

Yet, according to 65 Incorporated, 63 percent of veterans surveyed did not know they could not use Medicare to pay for VA-provided services."

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Last updated: 09-17-2013