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Patients with chronic conditions need not show improvement to be covered under Medicare

In years past, misconceptions of an assumed “improvement standard” in homecare may have wrongfully denied people Medicare coverage.  A recent court ruling clarifies that one need not show improvement in order to be covered under Medicare.  This change is creating a stir in the homecare community.

“There’s a good reason health care professionals may not know about or understand the new guidelines under the agreement, says Omdahl of 65 Incorporated.  Home care providers have spent decades relying on the improvement standard – and changing that ‘will involve turning the battleship around,’ she says.”

In this Arthritis Today article, 65 Incorporated co-founder Diane Omdahl discusses Medicare homecare regulations and the impact of a recent ruling to educate the healthcare communities and Medicare beneficiaries on what is covered.

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Last updated: 02-25-2016