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Think Medicare is confusing?
You're not alone.

What kind of experience do today's Medicare beneficiaries have when signing up for Medicare or making changes to their existing Medicare plan? 

What are peoples’ satisfaction level with their current Medicare coverage?

Through a survey conducted in October 2012 of over 850 Medicare beneficiaries, 65 Incorporated struck out to answer these questions.

Unfortunately, the results reveal widespread confusion and frustration among today's Medicare beneficiaries.


Grab the complete report today to learn all of the alarming finding of the survey, such as:

  • Senior citizens on Original Medicare with a Part D prescription plan are 27 percent more likely to be dissatisfied with coverage compared to those without the prescription plan.*
  • 29 percent of seniors said they understood all or the majority of Medicare but could not identify their Medicare path or coverage types.
  • Those using the 1-800-Medicare help line are 80 percent more likely to have had a difficult time dealing with Medicare compared to those using another resource.
  • plus much more! 

*Editor’s Note:  The level of dissatisfaction most likely connects with the frequent changes in medication coverage and cost. Those without drug plans do not deal with these issues.  However, they face dissatisfaction for other reasons, such as unexpected out-of-pocket drug costs when they become sick or a Late Enrollment Penalty when they eventually enroll in a drug plan.

Last updated: 03-11-2015