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Can I keep a Medigap policy I bought many years ago?

Here is a question about the many changes in Medigap policies over the last few years. 

I just read some information on Medigap policies for this year and I don’t see my policy.  I bought it in 2009 and really like it. Do I have to find a different one?

There were some changes made to Medigap policies in June 2010.  Four plans, identified by the letters E, H, I, and J, were discontinued. Beneficiaries who bought those plans prior to June 2010 can usually keep them as long as they pay the premiums. The benefits will not change. However, the premiums may increase as the number of policy holders decreases. 

Remember, Massachusetts, Minnesota, and Wisconsin have different standardized plans. 


Last updated: 03-17-2015