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What is Medicare-Question
What is "MTM" and "Manage Drugs"? I see this tab with every drug plan in the Medicare Plan Finder.

Answer to What is Medicare question
Any company sponsoring a Part D prescription drug plan must have an established Medication Therapy Management (MTM) program. 

The program is designed to help drug plan members who are at high risk for medication-related problems. The program ensures covered Part D drugs are used to optimize therapeutic outcomes and reduce the risk of adverse events.

There are three components of an MTM program:

  • Interventions for Medicare beneficiaries and the healthcare providers who prescribe medications
  • An annual comprehensive review to assess the use of both prescribed and over-the-counter drugs and nutritional or dietary supplements, and
  • Quarterly reviews with follow-up actions as necessary.

The Plan Finder details the requirements to qualify for a drug plan's MTM services, specifically health condition (generally three or more chronic conditions), the number of prescribed medications (at least seven or eight), and the cost (usually those who land in the Coverage Gap). 


    Last updated: 08-28-2018