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5-2016 UPDATE:
Our apologies, but this video series is no longer available for free viewing. Please consider using the i65 Medicare Enrollment guidance software to gain access to this valuable resource along with many other valuable Medicare tools.

If you are a client of 65 Incorporated with a link to these video in your RoadMap, please contact us and we'll be happy to send you a new link to view these videos. 


Get started by learning the basics

With Medicare expert, Diane J. Omdahl, RN, MS as your presenter, you'll learn the basics about Medicare Advantage plans.

HMO? PFFS? HMO-POS? Learn the difference.

Networks are a crucial component of Medicare Advantage plans. Getting the plan that is best for you requires knowing the different types of plans. Learn them in this video.

Coverage, cost, and quality

In this video, you'll not only learn the basics about Medicare Part D plans, you'll also learn about the three most important factors to consider when comparing Medicare Advantage plans.

Step-by-step guidance for using the Medicare Plan Finder

This video guides you through the first three steps in using the Medicare Plan Finder: entering your information, entering your medications, and selecting your pharmacies.

How to compare plans using the Medicare Plan Finder

In the fourth and final step of the Medicare Plan Finder, you'll begin comparing different plans available in your area. This video shows you how to run side-by-side comparisons.

Controlling your out-of-pocket costs begins by understanding coverage rules

In-network, out-of-network, out-of-pocket costs — Understanding all of these terms and more are crucial to understanding and comparing the coverage rules of Medicare Advantage plans.

Don't overlook drug coverage rules when comparing MA plans

Getting the prescriptions you need, when you need them, and at a fair price begins by understanding the drug coverage rules of different Medicare Advantage plans.

The Donut Hole is just one of four prescription drug payment stages

To accurately estimate your out-of-pocket prescription drug costs in different Medicare Advantage plans, you need to understand what the four different payment stages are and how your out-of-pocket costs will vary in each.

Don't forget to compare Medicare's Quality Ratings

Cost and coverage are just two of the three components in comparing Medicare Advantage plans. In this video you'll learn how to use Medicare's quality ratings to make sure the plan you choose is a good one.